Who’s Who in Detachment “A” who also served in the top-secret Special Operations SOG units in Vietnam

This section recognizes and pays tribute to all those Detachment “A” members who also served in the prestigious unit SOG – another unit unrecognized for decades. This list shows the caliber of Special Forces troops that served in Detachment ”A” and SOG yet were unrecognized for decades. This is not an exhaustive list.

Hermann Adler Richard Gross Bob Picknell
Howard “Zipper” Allen Herman David Halterman Bill Queen
Ron Braughton Project 404 Laos John Heintel Jimmy Reeves
Nick Brokhausen Rick Hendricks Harvey Saal
Bob Charest Lou Herman Joel Schelkelberger
Stu Cranson Ralph Keith John Silk
Ron Davidson Kim Kendle Gil Turcotte
Gentry Deck Manfred Kropp Paul Whitmore
Emmett “Jessie” Dover Bob Kuenstle James Wilde
Bill Durant Bob Lees Sid Williams
Warner “Rocky” Farr Georg Moskaluk Robert Willis
Julius Farrago Charlie Monson Robert G. Willis
Jerry “Paco” Fontana James “Dusty” Moore Ivan Woronchuk
Paul Foster John  O’Keefe Ed Yarbrough
Claude L. Greeney Ralph Ormes