Thumbnail Look at Detachment “A” 39th Special Forces Berlin 1956-1984 with MAC-V SOG Connection

This video represents a Thumbnail look at Detachment “A” from former member Bob Charest based on the article he published in January 2012 Thumbnail Detachment “A” Berlin Special Forces 1956-1984.

This video represents his personal insight of Detachment “A” and the MAC-V SOG connection based on his eight years in Detachment “A” and his time in B-56 Project Sigma, SOG Vietnam.

It features some of the early ‘original’ Detachment “A” members including Lodge Act folks, those who established and created the Detachment “A” Special Forces legacy.  It touches on mission, training, tradecraft, exercises, contains updated member interviews, and highlights the historical connection between Detachment “A” and MAC-V SOG.

This video is dedicated to all Detachment “A” Members.


Hermann Adler – DMOR Ceremony

On 22 October 2014, Major(Ret) Hermann Adler was inducted into the Distinguished Member of the Special Forces Regiment at a small private ceremony held at his home.  LTG Charles T. Cleveland, former Commanding General, US Army Special Operations and his staff performed the ceremony with LTG Cleveland performing the induction.