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Detachment “A” and the Royal Engineers Diving Unit

Major Retired Leslie “Les” Rutherford was a Warrant Officer ( later Officer Commanding) the Royal Engineers Diving Unit in Kiel Germany.

Les remembered well a visit by the guys from Det “A”  Berlin to his unit at Kiel in the 80’s.  They cross trained on each other’s Kit, worked and played hard.

The Royal Engineers  worked on diving and U/W demolition training  with Detachment”A”  at Kiel in the 80’s .  Detachment”A” members  then went on to train with the German Navy ‘ Kampfschwimmer’  at Eckenförde.

The Royal Engineers Diving Unit  were presented a plaque from Detachment”A” with a photo of the team which his old Boss Captain Tom Flower preserved.

This is Major Rutherford with Detachment”A”‘  a Dräger one-man decompression portable chamber.

Team 3





A Clandestine Cold War Military Unit Steps Into the Light

Author:  Drew Brooks, Fayetteville Observer

Dressed in civilian clothes with long hair, the men looked like any other on the streets of East Berlin.

Their German accents didn’t give away their true identities as American Special Forces soldiers, part of a clandestine military unit operating during the Cold War.

Berlin, a divided city located 100 miles behind the Iron Curtain, was a focal point in the tensions that developed between NATO forces and the Soviet Union after World War II.

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The insane life of this Holocaust survivor and Special Forces veteran

WeAreTheMighty.com author Blake Stilwell published this article about Sid Shachnow.

For most people, surviving the Holocaust in Nazi-occupied Europe would be the defining moment of their lives. Men like Maj. Gen. Sidney Shachnow aren’t most people. The Lithuanian-born Shachnow survived a forced labor camp and went on to join the U.S. Army, serve in Vietnam, and lead the Army Special Forces’ ultra-secret World War III would-be suicide mission in Berlin during the Cold War.

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