Detachment(A) Display at JFK Museum

JFK Museum
Det-A JFK Museim

At the 2004 SFA Convention in Las Vegas, Bob Charest developed an awareness that  Detachment ”A” seemed to be fading into the shadows of history.

After previously visiting the JFK museum, he noticed that there was no Detachment “A” representation there and thought it would be a great first step into bringing Detachment ”A” back from its disintegrating and forgotten history. Bob had a conversation with Roxanne Merritt the Director of the FJK Special Warfare Museum about creating a Detachment “A” exhibit at the JFK museum.  He did not want Detachment ”A” to completely fade away, and since this seemed to be a place to start, he asked Roxanne if this would be feasible and she agreed informing him that artifacts needed to be collected for the exhibit, and she would design  and plan the exhibit display.

During the intervening years, Bob started hosting small DET-A Get together’ s,  and Detachment ”A” interest reemerged and started to grow and grow.

In 2010, Bob initiated a project with the mission statement:  Detachment (A) JFK Museum Representation.  With the help of all Detachment “A” members, and Roxanne Merrit, he believed it could happen. He called upon Detachment”A” members to donate artifacts to the museum for the exhibit, and he got an exceptional response. Detachment”A” artifacts started arriving the JFK Museum.

In May 2011, at the Detachment “A” Asheville NC Get Together, Bob invited Roxanne Merritt to the function to provide an update on the exhibit.  Many DET-A Members brought their artifacts with them to hand over to Roxanne.  The mission statement prepared by Hilmar Kullek would be used as our focal point.  Harvey Cox produced an 18×18 professional replica of the condensed Mission Statement.  Some of the Det(A) Artifacts pledged:

  • MG Sid Shachnow (Ret): Telephone from Check Point Charlie
  • Kevin Monahan: Three plaques from the DET(A) trophy case
  • Bob Charest: DET(A) Gold Coin
  • Wayne Searcy: RS4 radio
  • Jack Fulp: Trophy from the 1st Para Red Devils Airborne, and a Det A Beer Mug
  • Harvey Cox: Donated his art business services and materials to produce an 18×18 professional replica of the condensed Mission Statement by Hilmar Kullek seen on the DET(A) web site
  • Frank Gallardo: 13” Cloak & Dagger wood statue
  • Bruno von Haas: East German Flag that flew over the Brandenburger Tor in Berlin given to Bruno by friend and Berlin Chief of Police in 1989 when the wall went down
  • Mike Linnane: Special Forces DET(A) patch.
  • Larry Coleman: DVD with pictures of DET(A)
  • Hilmar H. Kullek: Wooden Maneuver Display – Flintlock 1972, Beer Mug – Kampfschwimmerkompanie Eckernfoerde, Beer Mug – 1956 – 1984 CKB
  • Doug Snow: Berlin Perimeter sign

Along with many other donated items.

Roxanne Merritt was instrumental in the establishment of the Detachment “A” exhibit as were all Detachment “A” members.
Detachment “A” now has a small Detachment “A” Berlin exhibit within the SF Historical displays.