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DET-A related images

Detachment”A” Scuba Cross Training with the Royal Engineers in Kiel Germany

These photos were taken during a cross-training exercise with Detachment”A” and the Royal Engineers Diving Unit in Kiel Germany in the 80’s.  Major(Ret) Les Rutherford who was a Warrant Officer during this exercise later Officer Commanding the Royal Engineers Diving Unit in Kiel Germany.


Detachment”A” ODA3 Cross Training Team

Detachment”A” plaque presented to the Royal Engineers


Major Rutherford with one man Dräger portable decompression chamber.


Peter Kelly 70s Era Photos

Peter Kelly, Former Team  Six Commander and S-3 Detachment “A” 70s era photos.

Det(A) 2017 Photo Op – Special Moments – MG Sidney Shachnow and Gerald “Paco” Fontana

At the Detachment(A) 2017 Photo Op old friends meet. Former DET(A) members Gerald “Paco” Fontana and MG Sidney Shachnow(Ret) and share a special moment.

MG Shachnow was the former Commander of Detachment(A) and Guest Speaker at our Detachment(A) June 2017 function held at Fort Bragg NC in memory of Det(A)CSM Jeffrey Raker.

Paco Fontana and MG Sid Shachnow
Paco Fontana and MG Sidney Shachnow