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The Night Before Chicken Friday


“Twas the night before Chicken Friday

and all through the Det.

Not a buffer was turning,

Oh no, not quite yet.

All the mops and the brooms

were hung up with care

In hope that the teams

soon would be there.

The officers were nestled

all snug in their beds,

When the beepers went off

right next to their heads

Soon there were shouts

and groans of disgust.

Chicken Friday had begun

and we’d dust, dust, dust.

Team one had the stairway,

team two had the hall,

Team three had the classroom,

and as usual, four had the stalls.

Team six was on duty

and doing real fine,

While five was out training

and drinking fine wine.

When what to my wondering

eyes should appear

But a miniature SMAJ

with a lecherous sneer.

“All right all you yahoos,

you’d best fall right in.

And start up the cleaning,

let the scrubbing begin.

Clean the latrines

and dust off the walls.

When you’re finished with all that,

put a shine on the halls.”

“On Fowler, on Storer,

on Turcotte, on Platz.

If you don’t move much faster,

you’ll be explaining to Katz.”

A bundle of cleaning tools

was flung over his back

And he looked like a peddler

just opening his pack.

His eyes, how they twinkled,

his dimples – how merry.

His cheeks were like roses,

his nose like a cherry.

His droll little mouth

was drawn up in a scowl.

If you looked at him cross-eyed,

he’d let out a howl.

He inspected all day

and everyone dreaded

The appearance in the door

of that bald little head.

When he was through inspecting

he said with a grin,

“There’s nothing more to clean

we won’t’ do it again.”

The SMAJ came downstairs

and said with great glee,

“The bar is now open,

the first one’s for me.” (and the 2nd, 3rd, 4th……)

The beer was abundant.

for those who were there.

Chicken Friday as usual

was a drunken affair.

The SMAJ was heard to say

as he staggered out of sight

“Happy Chicken Friday to all,

and to all a good night.”

Jeff Raker’s Chicken Friday Plaque

One last wish from CSM Jeff Raker, was to donate the Chicken Friday plaque he received upon his departure from Detachment”A” in 1981, to the members of Detachment”A”.

Chicken Friday was created back in the 1971-1972 era with SGM Tony Kriculi, and MAJ Sid Shachnow.  In the 1970s era, Detachment”A” annexed the old HQ & HQ company mess hall kitchen right next door to the Detachment”A” building.  It was renovated by Detachment”A” members into a Day Room complete with a bar, which was annexed from the hospital.  The Day Room also included a pool table, a parachute canopy over the bar, and beer from Czechoslovakia called “Budvar”, not local beer i.e., Schultheiss and Berliner Kindl.  It was improved during the years leading up to the deactivation of the Detachment in 1984.

On Friday afternoons we had a formation and assigned tasks for various cleanup areas, vehicle maintenance, and other such upkeep duties.  These activities lasted about two hours which then turned into “Chicken Friday”, a social gathering and bier fest for the rest of the evening.  Because of our compartmentalization, and not much downtime among us for socializing, it became a highly anticipated event.  Chicken Friday was frequently attended by Navy Seals from Crete, teams from 10th Special Forces attending our classified city training course, and the German Secret Police whom we worked with.  Chicken Friday and the fest after, was a really big morale booster for the men of Detachment”A” and helped keep “What happened in the Detachment, stayed in the Detachment”.

At our  Detachment”A” function in Asheville on Friday 16 September of 2016, Jeff Raker presented the plaque he received in 1981, to our Chicken Friday.  He hand carried this symbolic artifact all the way from Guam, and it came with him first class – 35 years later.  After the meeting Kevin Monahan suggested that the plaque be donated to the JFK museum.  Bob Charest secured the Chicken Friday plaque to ensure the plaque is transported to Roxanne Merritt, the JFK museum director/curator where she will ensure that it will reside and serve as part of Detachment”A” history.

This historic Chicken Friday plaque presented to CMS Jeff Raker back in 1981 is being donated to the JFK Museum on behalf of all the men from Detachment”A” 39TH Special Forces.

However, the nature of the plaque made it ineligible for the JFK Museum.  After I notified you all of this, Glen Craig made a recommendation that we donate it to SFA HQ.

Bob thought this was a great idea, so he coordinated with Roxanne Merritt Director, JFK Special Warfare Museum and Cliff Newman Executive Director of SFA who said he would be honored to have it.  Many thanks for Glen’s suggestion and many thanks to Cliff Newman and SFA for giving this special artifact a permanent home.

Jeff Raker’s Chicken Friday plaque which he brought to our September 2016 Asheville NC function has a new and permanent home at SFA.

Chicken Friday 1977

Left to Right: Billy Krieger, Dennis Hebler, Klemme Lemcke

Chicken Friday, 1977 – Left to Right: Billy Krieger, Dennis Hebler, Klemme Lemcke